Advocating for Palestine

Amidst persisting narratives and disinformation, this booklet serves as a dedicatedguide to dismantling Israeli propaganda. As we feel committed to providing facts andadvocating for justice, this document aims to equip readers with the knowledge andtools necessary to challenge misconceptions.This booklet outlines effective communication strategies, encouraging advocates toremain calm, factual, and

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Important Terminology

Precise language is fundamental, especially with decades of the media’s narrativemanipulation. Israel strategically uses words to shape what people think. Beingcareful with language is essential for having practical, well-informed conversations.It’s not just


Palestinians are Semites: What is “Anti-Semitism?”:● Anti-Semitism means prejudice against or hatred

Abed Abdi

A Palestinian Artist’s Journey of Resilience and Advocacy Born in the vibrant city of Haifa, Palestine, in February 1942, Abed Abdi’s artistic journey is deeply intertwined with the tumultuous history of his homeland. Forced to flee his home during the violent events of the

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Mohammad Al-Hawajri

Mohammad Al-Hawajri, was born at the Bureij Refugee Camp in the Gaza

Jaffa orange

The iconic Jaffa orange, which has come to be known around the world, originated in the city of Yafa in the 19th century.

Sabar (Opuntia cactus)

Despite its thorny outside, the cactus is much loved in Palestine. The plant can flourish in dry, harsh conditions, and is renowned