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Palestinians are Semites: What is “Anti-Semitism?”:
● Anti-Semitism means prejudice against or hatred of “Semite,” people who
speak Semitic languages such as Hebrew, Arabic, and several other ancient
languages in the east Mediterranean area. The West and Israel deliberately
seem to ignore the fact that Palestinians are also Semites. That the incitement
of violence and hatred against them is anti-semitic too.
● Zionism is characterized as being inherently antisemitic; the assertion is that
not only is anti-Zionism not synonymous with anti-semitism, but Zionism
itself is, at its core, anti-semitic.
This might sound crazy, but it’s true. Look it up. Zionism is a political
philosophy that was first created in the 1600s by anti-Semitic Christians who
believed Jews from all over the world should be expelled and gathered in one
Centuries later, Theodor Herzl, an atheist, adopted Zionism as he saw it
serving his interests. The plan was to find a “suitable country” to colonize,
and several countries were suggested: Uganda, Argentina, Cyprus, and
Madagascar. But with Jews’ rejection and with the support of Western
politicians, Zionism secured their interests in the resources of the Middle East,
thus Palestine.
● The exploitation of Anti-Semitism: Hundreds of thousands of Jews
worldwide have expressed their opposition to the Zionist manipulation of
anti-semitism as a shield to silence critics of Israel’s terrorist actions. Jewish
communities globally have strongly condemned this tactic, deeming it
offensive to Holocaust victims. They have actively protested against
Israel’s acts of terrorism in the name of Judaism, emphasizing slogans like
“Not in our name” and “Never again for anyone.”
● Legitimate Criticism: People worldwide who speak against genocide and
demand a ceasefire are not to be unjustly labeled as “anti-semites.” They are
individuals expressing their humanity, refusing to stay silent in the face of a
massacre targeting innocent children. Legitimate criticism of any state and
opposition to genocidal policies are valid expressions of concern.
● “Free Palestine” or “From the River to the Sea” are rallying cries voiced by
Palestinians, pro-Palestinians, and humanitarian advocates who protest and
advocate for the liberation of Palestine from Israeli occupation, seeking to
decolonize the region. It is essential to clarify that the slogan does not
advocate for violence against Jews or support any form of Jewish genocide,
as erroneously propagated by some media sources. It is crucial to recognize
the distinction between Judaism as a religion, Zionism as a political
movement, and Israel as an apartheid-occupying state. Jews are not the sole

representatives of Israel, and the call for a free Palestine is rooted in a
desire for justice, human rights, and an end to the occupation.

The “Who is Indigenous?” argument
Most Israelis are not indigenous to the land:
● Judaism is NOT an ethnicity: Judaism is a religion. Scientifically speaking,
there is no such thing as “Jewish ethnicity”. Jews can belong to ANY ethnicity.
To hide this, it is illegal to get a DNA test in Israel without a court order.
● 3% Palestinian Jews: in 1878, 3% was the percentage of indigenous
Palestinian Jews in Palestine before the British mandate initiated the mass
immigration of settlers from Europe and later from other areas around the
Palestinians are indigenous:
● Scientific evidence has established that Palestinians are indigenous to the
eastern Mediterranean area, prominently carrying the DNA of Canaanites.
Despite the biblical claims that an ancient war wiped out the group, scientific
evidence has debunked those claims. Compared to modern-day people, the
DNA extracted from ancient sites shows that the Canaanites managed to
leave a long line of descendants.
Check this article on the Mystery of Canaanites

“The only democracy in the Middle East”

Did you mean an Apartheid State?
Israel promotes itself in the West as the only democracy in the Middle East.
However, upon examination, this claim quickly evaporates. The Israeli law
effectively discriminates against Palestinian citizens, violating their rights to
equality, family life, dignity, and liberty.
Apartheid Definition: The International Convention on the Suppression and
Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid defines “the crime of apartheid” as
“inhuman acts committed to establish and maintain domination by one racial
group of persons over any other racial group of persons and systematically
oppressing them” (Art. 2 of Apartheid Convention).
Some examples of Apartheid laws in Israel
The Absentees’ Property Law in 1950:
This law allows Israel to take over the properties forcibly left by
Palestinian refugees who were expelled during the ethnic cleansing of

1948 “Nakba”. Israel prevents the right of refugees to return to their
land. There are nearly 7 million Palestinian refugees around the
world today, still denied their visitation rights, access, or ownership of
their originally confiscated lands or Palestinian citizenship.
Palestinian land confiscation:
Land Acquisition for Public Purposes Ordinance – Amendment No. 10
(2010). Israel’s Finance Minister is allowed to confiscate land for
“public purposes”. The state uses this law extensively, along with
other laws, to confiscate Palestinian-owned land in Israel.
Birthright Citizenship:
Israel grants Jews from any ethnicity worldwide a birthright to
immigrate and become citizens. Remember that Jewish/ Judaism is
not an ethnicity but a religion of many nationalities.
So you could be a New Yorker of Dutch descent, for example, having
no genetic or ethnic connections to the Middle East, but the law still
applies to you.
Israel does not provide the same rights to Palestinians, including
refugees who’ve been previously ethnically cleansed from their
Other examples, in brief:
● Denial of Freedom of Movement: Mostly affecting Palestinians in
Palestinian lands: the West Bank and Gaza.
● Violence and Unlawful Practices: Murder, torture, and imprisonment of
thousands of Palestinians, many under the age of 18, leading to severe
physical and psychological deprivation.
● Persecution for Political Beliefs: Targeting anyone opposing apartheid.
● Identity-Based Deprivation: Systematic violation of human rights based on
Palestinian identity.
● Ethnic-Based Legal Systems: Separate systems in Israel based on
● Administrative Detention: Indefinite imprisonment of Palestinians, including
many Children, without a fair process or even trial in most cases.
● Violence Against Farmers: Attacks and murders in the West Bank, collected
harvest stolen by force of armed settlers.
● Fishing Restrictions: fishing in Gaza is permitted up to six nautical miles (11
● Control over Rainwater: Prohibited for Palestinians to collect rainwater!
For more info about the apartheid, check out reports from Amnesty, Btselem, and
Human Rights Watch.



Article written by Salam Qatnani

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