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Precise language is fundamental, especially with decades of the media’s narrative
manipulation. Israel strategically uses words to shape what people think. Being
careful with language is essential for having practical, well-informed conversations.
It’s not just a “conflict” — it’s occupation and settler colonization.
● It’s Occupation and Settler Colonisation; it’s not a “Conflict.”
The story of Palestine is a clear case of occupation and settler
colonization. Framing the situation as a conflict and claiming it is “too
complex for the regular person to understand or judge” is deceptive and
misleading. Israelis themselves acknowledge this; for instance, check out this
insightful perspective of Israeli historian Ilan Pappé on how Israel manipulates
the narrative:
“The story of Palestine is simply a story of colonialism and
dispossession; however, with the help of its allies, Israel has
manufactured a multilayered explanation that is so complex that only
Israel can understand it. Any interference from the outside world is
immediately labeled by Israel as naïve or, at worst, Anti-semitic.”
This strategy makes the regular person feel too ignorant to understand the
entire situation. For example, everyone believes that all refugees have the
right to return to their homes, but when it comes to Palestine, these are
“special refugees, created under special circumstances.”
At its core, Israel is a Western colony, a fact that forms the basis for both the
British endorsement of the declaration of the state of Israel and the
unwavering support of the United States. Thus, on several occasions, Biden
stated, “If there were no Israel, the United States would have to invent one to
protect its interests in the region.”
● Aggression/Genocide: Instead of calling it war, call it what it is and use
Aggression, Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, or Land theft.
For it to be considered a war, there must be an opposing power with a clear
structure, not an army against armed resistance. Let alone the fact that it’s
one of the strongest armies operating against innocent civilians.
● Concentration Camp: Gaza is not a country. It is a strip of land that meets all
the criteria of a “concentration camp,” housing over 2.3 million Palestinians,
with half of them being children under the age of 18. Gaza is also not “Free”; it
has been under a complete blockade and control by Israel, which is what
Nazis did to their concentration camps too.

● Illegal Settlements: Settlers in the West Bank and around the Gaza Strip are
not “civilians”. Most of them are armed groups that fall under the
management of the IOF, living in illegal colonial settlements that violate
international law.
According to the Geneva Conventions IV, Article 49(6) (1949), “It is illegal to
colonize occupied land or transfer non-indigenous population to that land.”
● Apartheid and Ethnic Cleansing: Israel is not a democracy; it actively
operates as an apartheid state, practicing discrimination primarily based on
ethnicity and secondarily on religion. This discrimination extends to Christians
and even to Jews who speak out against apartheid and Zionism.



Article written by Salam Qatnani

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