Some lesser-known facts about Israel

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The Skin & Organs Theft Scandal
● Skin Bank: Israel has the largest skin bank in the world, exceeding the
American bank established 40 years earlier despite Israel’s much
smaller population, and although the vast majority of Israelis DO NOT
donate due to religious beliefs. Israel acquired its world record by
stealing skin and organs from Palestinians without consent.
● It’s very TRUE: Several investigations, including one by journalist
Donald Boström in 2001, have provided conclusive evidence. In a
2009 documentary, the former director of the Israeli Institute of
Forensic Medicine, Yehuda Hiss, confirmed the theft of organs from
Palestinians’ bodies. He stated, “We took corneas, skin, heart valves,
and bones… Almost everything was done unofficially without
permission from the families.”
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● meaning: “Violence performed and produced through the specific
treatment of corpses that are perceived to be offensive, sacrilegious, or
● Israel also kidnaps, imprisons, and desecrates the bodies of deceased
Palestinians, many of whom are children—those directly killed by Israel
and those who die due to torture. The deceased are kept in prisons, in
refrigerators, until they complete their sentence, or indefinitely, serving
as a form of psychological torture for the families. Additionally, Israel
often harvests their organs without the families’ consent.

But why does Israel do that?

● In the eyes of the colonizer—Israel—the body is not seen as an
individual but as a representation of the entire colonized group: all
Palestinians. These bodies are subjected to punishment, often merely
for their existence. Israel’s practice of necroviolence serves as
confirmation that Zionist colonialism persists beyond death.
The Cemeteries of Numbers: The concept of “ambiguous loss,”
signifying the lack of certainty and closure for families, is vividly
illustrated in the existence of the Cemetery of Numbers. Here, mass

graves of Palestinian martyrs are found, identified only by a numbered
metal plate above each grave.

The Birth Control Scandal
● Forced birth control on Ethiopian Jews: After social workers noticed
a significant drop in birth rates among the Jewish Ethiopian community
in Israel, an investigation revealed that thousands of Ethiopian women
were given the birth control injection ‘Depo-Provera’ without
When questioning why only Ethiopian women are receiving
Depo-Provera, Israeli health authorities claimed the injections
are a ‘cultural preference,’ although in Ethiopian culture, ‘to
have lots of children is to be rich.’
Dr. Mushira Aboodia, a gynecologist at Jerusalem’s Hadassah
Medical Centre, stated that most Ethiopian women she had met
received Depo-Provera injections and added, ‘Although no one
in Israel will admit or take responsibility.’
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Discrimination against Falasha African communities is evident in many
forms, such as the 1996 riot in Israel when it was discovered that the Israeli
health ministry destroyed all stacks of blood donated by Ethiopians. The
government then responded that it was done for fear of “HIV contamination.”
Check this article on racism against Ethiopian Jews

Migration of Pedophiles: Numerous numbers of convicted child molesters
are escaping prosecution by migrating to Israel, in an exploitation of the Law
of Return, whereby any Jewish person can move to Israel and automatically
gain citizenship. Convicted pedophiles are given the chance to move to
Israel instead of facing legal consequences.



Article written by Salam Qatnani

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