Palestinian resistance, in all its forms, is not only justified but also necessary.

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The settlers are the offspring of capitalism, The Civilized West exports a certain type of creatures that are all but civilized, They are the dancing settlers celebrating pillaging and murder.
The Jewish National Fund which is registered as a tax-example non-profit org attracts settlers with Zionist- American funding.
Today they number more than 700,000 settlers spread across all of Occupied Palestine, they train to use weapons and are provided with A monthly salary that fluctuates according to their geographic location, for example, if the settlement is close to Gaza, then the salary will be much highest due to the location’s strategic importance.
they live in the settlements as a collective, they don’t have any other individual goals or purposes besides taking over territories.
the Jewish National Fund which proclaims on its Website that it Protects the land of Israel on behalf of all Jewish people around the world has played a major role in exporting individuals from Europe and the US and the continuous displacement of Palestinians in the Occupied territories.
The portrayal of settlers as innocent civilians is. Still, a form of misinformation carried out by Zionist Entities to obfuscate their political impact for settlers wouldn’t exist without external funding and Israel wouldn’t be a thing if it weren’t for Zionist funding.
the settlers and the Colonial state are one and the same and one cannot exist without the other.
These settlers aren’t innocent bystanders, they’re the main architects of the ethnic cleansing and Genocide targeting the Palestinian People with Privileges that turn them into Capitalism’s spoiled offspring, and in coordination with the Occupation Army, they freely encroach on Palestinian lands they harass the indigenous Palestinian and rob houses, burn olive trees and murder cattle and the kidnap and rejoice in the torture of unarmed civilians,
they burn and murder children for a sport.
we cannot put both sides on an equal footing and
we can’t equate occupiers with the indigenous people
we can’t equate colonizers with resistance fighters.
Palestinian resistance, in all its forms, is not only justified but also necessary.
unphased by the power of the colonizers and their unending barbarism.

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